Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome To The Hazwoper Center

OSHA-Pros USA has over two decades of experience in the offering of online training resources for all of your company's safety needs. All of our courses comply with OSHA regulations, and are accepted by OSHA as documentation of proper training. Receive your OSHA HAZWOPER 24 or 40 hour proof of training through our newly updated and even more convenient online courses, or renew your HAZWOPER training credentials with our fully interactive and OSHA compliant 8 hour refresher course.

Sign up for your courses here: HazwoperCenter Online


  1. It's really good that there are now a lot of online hazwoper certification. A few years ago, there aren't really that much place to get this kind of training from - if there are, you would probably have to drive for a long time or pay expensively for a trainer.

  2. Even though to create safety training mandatory in a workplace may increase the charges of the companies, but it would certainly be considered a long term investment decision. For the safety of employees who work in harmful condition Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has released HAZWOPER rules.